what can cause "temper"???


As today, I'm not feeling "wide awake", I was so badly moody in my work place.

Feel like scolding all the people who annoyed me, and ignoring people that I care/love/like, as I dont want to hurt them with my so call "bad temper".

One of them actually point something to me, and it sounds like this (not exactly, i'm tend to exaggerate...muah ha ha)

"Eh, you always so happy go lucky, i can not think of anything that make you so angry or moody"

Well, after do a lot of thinking, (oooo..so important nye matter ni), what can cause me a bad temper?

No threee:

stuck in traffic! if you add some with lot of commercial or dj radio keep on talking without any point, it can cause me reaaly spicy temper.

No twoooo:

when you say i'm wrong when i'm right, when you say you were wright, when you were wrong.
okie, i tend to argue, and i really dun like argument. i like peace and calm, so things like argument can cause "blood pressure goes up"..haha


Not enough sleep or rest!!! duhhhh...-_-"
this one can cause tsunami if people come and cari gaduh.


sekian, terima kasih


"I don't care what you might think about me
You'll get by without me if you want"
Jason Mraz - Geek in The Pink


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